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let's Audit!!
with CA Surbhi Bansal

Hrs approx
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Why CA Surbhi Bansal??

CA. Surbhi Bansal is a fellow member of ICAI and a renowned faculty for the subjects “Auditing and Ethics” in CA Intermediate and “Advanced Auditing, Assurance, and Professional Ethics” in CA Final.  Having taught thousands of CAs, hundreds of rankers, and many AIR 1, she has vast experience and feels blessed to see the students well-settled in their respective careers. 

Concept Clarity

Concept clarity refers to the level of understanding and comprehension that an individual has about a particular concept or idea. When someone has a clear understanding of a concept, they are able to explain it in a concise and accurate manner, apply it in various contexts, and identify its related concepts and principles. Having concept clarity is important for effective communication, problem-solving, and learning, as it allows individuals to build upon their existing knowledge and make connections between different ideas.

New & Updated Study Material

After completing a chapter from notes, we will be doing the question answers of that chapter from NEW STUDY MATERIAL of ICAI. If you are able to solve mixed case studies from there, you can solve any unique question in the exams too. Ensure to be involved in the thought process in the class.

Free Mentorship cum Career Guidance

With an enriched experience of over 24 years in Education field, CA. Surbhi Bansal Ma’am, as her social initiative, provides Free career guidance to commerce students. It ranges from identifying individual potential for profile building to help selecting career option as per the strength of the student. Apart from guiding CA students on additional qualification such as CFA, CPA, ACCA or MBA etc. among others, ma’am has been guiding selected commerce students about various career options available in universities like Ashoka, SNU, NM, IIMs, JGU, DU, NLU etc. as per their potential.

Some Prime Achievers

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-11 at 11.36.57_3f96c4a9

CA Gaurav Shrawagi

AIR 1 in CA Final

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-11 at 11.36.58_24423869

CA Dimpy Jindal

AIR 1 in CA Inter & Final

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-11 at 11.36.57_26812d2d

CA Shubham Malhotra

AIR 1 in CA Inter

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-11 at 11.36.58_e68b24fe

CA Eti Agarwal

AIR 1 in CA Inter & Final

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-11 at 11.36.58_a9e0e426

CA Mohit Gupta

AIR 1 in CA Final

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-11 at 11.36.59_a3589a63

CA Sanjay Nawadhar

AIR 1 in CA Final

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